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Environmental Management


TMCH Group Limited has continued to live up to its commitment of becoming a solution provider of choice in our area of service. We have a fully equipped environmental Laboratory which has been accredited by statutory regulatory bodies in the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry.


Corrosion Coupon Analysis & Monitoring Services

Our state-of-the-art laboratory is equipped with modern tools and technologies guaranteed to support our clients’ operations and we are pleased to own the first in-country corrosion testing and monitoring laboratory.

We have gone a step further to synergize with foreign companies like the Brown Corrosion Inc. and Lux Assure Ltd to give unequaled technical solutions to corrosion problems in the oil and gas industry.

We also have innovative products that can protect your process equipment and pipeline infrastructure.

Our products are the most effective, accurate and safest method of corrosion management within the oil and gas industry.  Interestingly, it can be used by anyone with minimal technical expertise.


Environmental Quality Monitoring

In our laboratory, we do more than corrosion coupon analysis. We offer environmental monitoring services such as Environmental    Site   Assessment    (Phase 1   to   Phase 3), Environmental Impact Assessment,    Environmental Baseline Studies, Post  Impact Assessments,  Environmental remediation,  Produced  Water Analysis, Water Quality Tests, Soil Analysis for Oil and  Gas Exploration, Agricultural and Geotechnical   Purposes.   Other ancillary services are on beverage analysis and material identification/investigation.


Environmental Studies

Through the thorough examination of the interplay between the social, legal, management, and scientific aspects of environmental issues, TMCH offers services such as Environmental Site Assessment(Phase  1 to Phase 3), Environmental Impact Assessment,   Environmental Evaluation Study, and Post Impact Assessment.


Environmental Remediation Services

TMCH provides tough and versatile secondary containment. We also provide beam accessories such as berm guards and the petro-pipe hydrocarbon filter. Considering any type of spill-fuel tank spill, hazardous chemical spill, acid from batteries, TMCH ensures that sites are ready for fast and effective spill response and on-site cleanup. TMCH specialize in providing customized solutions for oil and gas surveillance, spill and secondary spill management.

In conjunction with our foreign partners  Varichem International Inc. We carry out major oil spill cleanup and environmental remediation using an eco-friendly chemical called RemediAde. This product contains natural and organic compounds and is highly effective for treatment of hydrocarbon contaminated soils and water in marshlands, beaches and oilfield sites. RemediAde has shown excellent results over the last twenty years with improved soil quality after application. Our skillfully trained and experienced personnel have the capacity to handle any spill and make the environment habitable and safe again.