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Fabrication & Supply


TMCH is the sole accredited channel partner of Wireco  World Group in Nigeria. Wireco is world ’s leading manufacturer of ropes.   We offer the best rope solution to support your need to anchor drill, pull lift, span,  suspend, control, transmit and move people,  equipment and materials worldwide.   Our products are suitable for use in the following fields:- oil & gas, mining, fishing, marine,  cranes,  structures, industrial and offshore.

At  TMCH, we have positioned ourselves to give our clients products and services tailored to suit their needs.  We supply steel wire ropes of various sizes and constructions ranging from 3mm to 64mm  ropes,  6×19,  6×25,6×36,  6×41,  17×7,  28×7  – etc, with high (IPS, EIPS, EEIPS), galvanized or ungalvanized. Our steel wire ropes are made into different specifications for applications like slings, anchoring, towing, pennant,  cranes, dredging, and general engineering.

Also available are:-  Dyneema,   Polypropylene,   Nylon, Polymer and Manila mooring ropes of different sizes –  3stands   or  8  strands.   Our Dyneema ropes are an alternative to steel wire ropes.  They are flexible, lightweight, floats on water and ware resistant.  It is more than just a rope. It is a technology!

In addition to the supplies, we fabricate mooring line stretcher for towing and anchoring, cargo nets, helipad net and gangway net and also rope accessories such as lifting gears (Shackles, Hooks,  Turnbuckles, Chain block, Bulldog grips and Sockets, and Lifting Clamps).  We also fabricate steel wire rope slings for lifting purposes ranging from single leg, 2legs, 4legs to 5legs slings. Also available are stingers slings, pennant,  re-socket ropes and pipe stops.