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Waste Management

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Vessel/Storage Tank/Mud Pit Cleaning Services

In today’s safety-conscious workplace, the preferred option for Confined Space Cleaning is the “No-Man” Entry Method.  To achieve this, TMCH Group Limited has worked with a lot of technologies and methods using the Automated Rotary Cleaning Machines, Vacuum transfer system and other pumping solutions to clean vessel tanks, aboveground/underground storage tanks. Through our experiences in vessel tank cleaning, we have discovered that the “No- Man” Entry method is impracticable due to differences in various vessel tank configurations.

The use of Automated Rotary Cleaning Machines provides an automated cleaning solution for tanks and vessels to be cleaned with minimal requirement for man entry. We have a range of specialized Automated Rotary Cleaning Machines which can be configured to achieve the removal of caked mud/sludge from the Tank internal surface.

In TMCH Group, confined space safety is a top safety priority procedure and this has led us to continually train, update and equip our personnel/operators in confined space entry, the hazards and challenges related to confined space activities and rescue procedure respectively. TMCH Group has the capacity to successfully clean various vessel, process pits and storage tanks of all sizes for the oil & gas sector through our highly qualified staff using the most technologically advanced equipment Automated  Tank Cleaning  Machine  (ATCM) for Tank Cleaning.


Waste Handling and Transportation

We offer a wide range of handling & treatment options for all your waste streams. From hazardous and non-hazardous – drilling fluids, drill cuttings, process water & sand, dry bulk waste in liquid, solid, semi-solid, and sludge.  In all operations from the collection,  transportation, and disposal, we uphold rigorous quality assurance programs to meet the highest standards of both internal and external audits.

We offer a range of transportation methods to move your waste to our treatment facilities using vacuum truck, skips, iso tanks, silo tanks, etc.. Our extensive logistics and waste management capabilities ensure efficient and cost-effective disposal of all types of waste.  Depending on the nature of waste, the following options can be applied;  Incineration, thermal desorption unit, wastewater treatment, landfill.


Solid Controls

TMCH Solids control packages comprise of complete  line of cutting-edge technologies engineered to optimize drilling efficiencies by reducing fluid losses, HSE impacts and costs. The all-inclusive solids control offering comprises of shale shakers and associated composite screen, flow dividers and shake vacuum systems, centrifuges and pumps,  desilters  and  desanders, cutting dryers and agitators.


Waste Disposal

  • Incineration

Incineration is a waste treatment process that involves the combustion of inorganic/ organic substances contained in waste materials. Incineration and other high-temperature waste treatment systems are described as thermal treatment. During this process, waste materials convert into ash, flue gas etc.

TMCH Group  Limited provides high-tech, high-temperature destruction of hazardous and industrial waste. Our incineration facilities are maintained to meet any requirement from any client.

TMCH Group Limited’s kilns are capable of processing solids, liquids, and sludge and our thermal treatment systems advanced technology can destroy up to 99.9999 percent of all hazardous constituents.


  • Thermal Desorption Unit

Thermal Desorption  Unit (TDU) is an innovative process of remediating waste. It is ideal for treatment for drill cuttings,  contaminated waste mud fluids, and tank bottom sludge.  It works based on a distillation process which recovers useful component of the waste (base oil in this case)  from the contaminant while further treatment of the waste is done.


Waste Water Treatment

At TMCH, our waste water treatment services entail a wide range of aqueous treatment technologies for liquid and semi-liquid hazardous and non-hazardous waste water.  Waste water treatment processes include but not limited to; chemical oxidation and reduction, acid/base neutralization, filtration, carbon adsorption,  supercritical fluid extraction, biological treatment, oil/ water separation,  stabilization through encapsulation.


Vacuum Transfer Services

For all confined space and  Vessel/ Storage tank cleaning, the preferred solution would, of course, be one of no-man entry. For this purpose,  our range of vacuum transfer systems and pumping solutions can be configured to meet the specific scope of work and specific gravity of material requiring removal thus ensuring optimum performance is achieved.

TMCH  Group  Limited specialized Vacuum transfer services collect and transport wet bulk or dry bulk hazardous and non- hazardous materials from vessel or tank to grave. We use vacuum transfer services for pit cleanouts,  sludge, liquids, vessel tank cleaning, storage tank cleaning, tank to truck and on-site transfer.

TMCH Group  Limited Vacuum transfer services are provided on a routine or an emergency basis for general plant maintenance and planned projects  as well as for emergency spills or product release situations. The equipment used to achieve these are vacuum truck, tanker truck, and pumps.